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This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can’t my bank loan officer do the same thing for me as you propose? Aren’t they looking out for my best interests?

No, your banker has no fiduciary duty to you or your business. The banker only looks out for their employer. There is no assurance their recommendations for either deposit or loan products or services is in your best interest. There is tremendous pressure on bank employees to “cross-sell” their services to potentially unwitting customers. A classic example of this is the Wells Fargo scandal from a few years ago. Conversely, I work for you and have only your best interests as my primary objective.

Well, what about my lawyer or my CPA? Can’t they help?

Yes and no. Your attorney and CPA are definitely part of your team of trusted advisers; however, bank finance is not typically their area of expertise. I am not an attorney or a CPA. I don’t prepare financial statements and don’t give legal advice. Conversely, it’s unlikely your CPA or attorney spent over 40 years working for a commercial bank like I have. We all have our areas of expertise – our “lane” so to speak. My services are not in lieu of those from your attorney or CPA; I work in concert with your other trusted advisors.

Are you a mortgage broker? Are you going to charge me a percentage of whatever loan you help me get?

No, I am not a broker. I work only for you. My total allegiance is to you and your business. I work at an hourly rate we will both agree to in advance. I only charge for time spent working on YOUR deal.

Are your services expensive?

Not necessarily. We will offer you sound advice on how to make your business more successful. Your business is likely the most valuable asset your own; strategies that increase your net earnings will pay for themselves many times over and on into the foreseeable future.

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